Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Read and Share: The Ultimate DVD Bible - Volume 2

We have been through a lot of children's Bibles in this family...A LOT!  Mainly because we have visited so many different churches through the years, and it seems we tend to make our donations to them in the form of leaving children's Bibles at each one of we've seen more than our share.  But this one has a different comes with DVD's that illustrate each of the Bible stories.  The videos are each several minutes long, and they word-for-word match the stories in the book, which is nice for helping your child learn to read.  Even my elementary-age kids liked watching the videos one day...the stories move so quickly from one to the next that it really kept their attention.  My only criticism is that because it came after Volume 1, it's a little random...some OT stories are in Volume 1 and some in Volume 2.  For example, Volume 2 begins with the story of Joseph, because all of the stories from earlier in Genesis are in Volume 1.  If you like a sequential approach, that might bug you.  But, overall, it offers something unique from other children's Bibles, and if your kids are like mine, the DVD will add another great way for them to soak in the treasure of God's Word.  Incidentally, where do you think the Bible is right now?  Why, it's at church, of course!  But only because we used it Sunday in the preschooler children's church for Bible story time...another great way to use this Bible!