Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lost, then Found

A few nights ago we were getting the kids ready for bed, which is often a long process due to the many distractions along the way.  While Caleb was finishing things in the bathroom, I was practicing a song for church the next day, then looking at childrens' church curriculum online (see, I'm the one distracted!).  Makenzie comes to me and asks, "Where is Caleb?"  I tell her he's probably already in bed...she goes to check...he's not there...and we begin to look for him...casually, at first, because we expect to find him quickly.  But, 20 minutes later, I am in a panic!  We have looked everywhere in the house, 3 times at least, and I'm starting to look in ridiculous places like the washing machine and the refrigerator.  I've begun calling the neighbors, I'm screeching out his name in this panicked (LOUD) voice, and JJ is outside searching outside with a flashlight...no Caleb!  At that point, I'm not even sure how it happened, but I went to the sofa and found him, buried under (and completely concealed by) pillows, fast asleep (even though JJ had even tapped on those pillows as he looked under the sofa earlier)!
I don't know if you've ever experienced anything like that, but it makes you profoundly aware of what matters.  Suddenly, there was nothing else.  Music for Sunday, children's curriculum, teeth brushing, or anything else was of no importance with my child missing!  My mind was racing through all the things that could have happened to him.  And then the relief that flooded over me when he was found!  Again, nothing else mattered!  My child was safe and in my arms! 
After the drama calmed down, and all was determined to be fine, it seemed silly that we were in such a panic and he was just asleep on the sofa the whole time.  But I see now that it was probably good for me.  Look at Luke 15, where you find the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son.  Can you grasp the intensity with which they look for that which is lost?  I sure can now!  I want to carry that same intensity around with me each day, that same love that God has for all of His children.  And so many of his children are just like Caleb was...asleep.  Even, like my favorite Keith Green song, "Asleep in the Light".  They are numb to the voices calling to them, and the only thing that can wake them up is someone's loving touch. 
And don't think that everyone will understand why you have that intensity...do you think the 99 sheep liked it when the shepherd left to find the one?  The older brother was angry that his father was welcoming the prodigal son.  But we have to remember that we once were lost, and through God's Amazing Grace, now we are found.  My prayer is that though some may be blind, through God's Amazing grace, they may see.

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