Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Panera is here!!!

If I have talked to you anytime recently, you probably don't even need to read this, because I have been talking non-stop about this...I am soooo excited that our Panera is open now!  And it's not just because they have great food.  They are SHARING their great food with us at Light and Life!  Yes, it's true...after months of checking the website daily for the status of our request, we were approved for their Operation Dough-Nation, where we receive their daily leftovers every Saturday night.  YEAH!!!
So, this past Saturday was our first pick-up, and Makenzie went along with me after our (AWESOME) dinner theatre production at church, "It's a Wonderful Life".  We arrived and told them the reason we were there, and then they offered us a drink and something to eat while we waited!  I love this place!  So while Makenzie gobbled up her cinnamon roll, I watched as they began to load up the leftover bagels.  I'm thinking to myself...that's a lot of bagels.  Then they started boxing up all the pastries, and I'm thinking to myself...that's a lot of pastries.  Then they just got garbage bags for all the loaves of bread, and I'm beginning to worry if I have enough room for it all!  As they come out front to load up all the special holiday breads and cookies, I'm loading up the car and realizing that I have left no room for my daughter in our SUV, and I'm trying to decide what must stay and what must go...You'll be glad to know that Makenzie did make it into the car (by sitting in Jonathan's carseat).
What a feast we had Sunday morning!!!   And even after Sunday afternoon's dessert buffet, we still had quite a bit left over to take to Sojourner Truth Ministries to feed the homeless this week.  So YEAH!!!  Panera is here!!!!

Coming soon...the book I'm working on now...Love at Last Sight...and I'm loving it!!!

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